(x) Culinary Institute of America logo / hand-drawn or auto-traced, various suggestions {gang}

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First time ever to this site and have been clicking through lie crazy.
I am in need of a Font ID -- could anyone tell me the font used for the
Culinary Institute of America logo

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LIKE ....sorry does it look like I am in a rush!!!

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Looks handdrawn. Not a font.

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Yeah looks custom, but it is pretty similar to Odyssey.


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You might also like Waters Titling.

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I don't think it's custom.

I think some "designer" got a hold of a JPEG of the logo but had no PDF or vector of it, so he livetraced it in illustrator and took out all the awkward points. The /C/ in Culinary looks perfectly traced, but the rest isn't.

Other than that, it looks a lot like a Caslon.

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