TT Fonts problem

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Hello everybody,

can someone help me please?
I had to do a TT font that works on Mac and PC.
I based it on another font with FontLab and than generated the font in OT/TT.
I works well apart from the problem that the german ÜÖÄ and so on do not appear properly when you change a text from another typeface (for example in InDesign) into it. Other glyphs appear than.
But the strange thing is: when you write it over again newly, ÖÜÄ properly appear.
What defect is this?

Guess it has to do something with encoding.

below an image of what I did.



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Your image displays the font in MacRoman encoding. That's ... old. Switch to Unicode encoding, and check if the characters have the right Unicode code.

Perhaps Fontlab can even translate them for you.

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You are wrong. There is Mac OS Roman codepage on the screen shot. And we all see that characters have proper Unicode indices. The thing which indeed must be checked is glyph names.


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Ah. Well, if the unicode values are correct, Stefan could simply discard the existing glyph names and use Fontlab's predefined list. I think that can be done quite easily (albeit on a per-character basis).

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Could it also have to do with an old version of the font, still in a font cache? Maybe as a test rename the font, other ID's etc and see what happens.

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