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Does anyone know the details of how FontLab's .NAM files work? Every sample .NAM file I've seen covers only glyphs WITH Unicode values, but my concern is when I have glyphs I'd like in my font which DO NOT have a Unicode value. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Purpose of the .nam file is to map Unicode to PS Name, so it is natural that glyphs that don't have Unicode indexes are not included into .nam file.

Note that it is not necessary to put names with "uniXXXX" structure into .nam file, they are processed by FontLab automatically.

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What do you mean by "processed by FontLab automatically"?

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If you name a glyph e.g. uni0345, activating the 'Assign Unicode' function will automatically give this glyph a Unicode value of U+0345.

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Well, that's quite handy. Thanks for the info.

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Here is a related question: can i include in the .NAM file private unicode values? I'd like to do it only to make sure that various weights of my font use the same private unicode values rather than generating new ones. where can i add those values?

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