What do you see?

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I've been making a logo for myself and I'm wondering if it will read correctly among other things. I'm going to ask the same question as Nina did in another topic, which is;

"I'd love to hear how this reads, what you see,...."

Thanks in advance

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. J P E C

You'll need a spur on the last form if you're trying to create a ".jpeg" mark.

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I think many might interpret it as .JPEG because it is such a common extension, but really it 'reads' as .JPEC

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>I think many might interpret it as .JPEG

If so why is it in the .PNG format?

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Same here: interpret it as .JPEG because it is such a common extension, but really it 'reads' as .JPEC


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.JPEC no doubt, with a awkward C

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Lol Yeah why was it saved as a .png???

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It's just a screenshot, and I didn't bother changing the extension cause it really doesn't matter.

Interesting though. I thought it looked to much like a C too, but most people will probably still read JPEG first. Still, I think I'll have to try to make it look more like a G.

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Tweaked it a little with a small break in the shapes. I think you can better distinguish the G form a C now. Not sure about the E though. I wanted these simple shapes so I could play around with different things within these shapes. Like the sample included. The first one would be the simplest form.

Edit: Can't seem to upload the pictures in this post, so I'll post them in the opening post. Afbeelding 4.png would be the simplest form.

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Still confusing. I would drop that chunk in the 'G' below the baseline, you'd get better letter/shape recognition that way, I believe.

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I'll give it a try, but I think I've already tried that. I believe I discarded it because it didn't really match with the other shapes.

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JPEC with no doubt. Try again to correct them if you want

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