(x) font id - baseball style script - Spoleto aka OptiSport Script aka Aktuelle aka Athletic Script {Jan}

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Hi guys,

I'm trying to ID the font used in..


So the script used for the name - Brad Radke.

It looks a little like Fenway, but it's not. Any help much appreciated!


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Not sure, but this thread might be of interest.


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I think that’s Spoleto aka Aktuelle aka Athletic Script aka Opti Sport Script.

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Yes, that's it. See the image below from the Script Font ID Guide. Varsity Script from Jukebox (at Veer) is similar, and available, whereas the Spoleto/Aktuelle/OptiSportScript may be hard to find now.

- Mike Yanega

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{Links removed by moderator}

If these are not supposed to be free, I hope a moderator will remove this post.

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Yes, both websites you linked to offer pirated fonts.

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See also the recently released MVB Mascot, a more professional rendition of this model.

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That's a good one to know Stephen. It does seem very similar, and it makes up for a lot of the poorly formed (if quaint) features of the original font.

- Mike Yanega

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