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am currently designing logo and ID for an animation studio called
"arc studios".I hav tried out few options and came up with this
idea as attached, this is just the overall shape i am doing right
now coloring part is yet to be done.

arc studios :

So critiq, feedback, ideas on my work is welcomeeee, and it would really help me to refine it.thanks in adv.


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I think it's tracked too tightly, and I might try more contrast between the two font weights. The c draws too much attention right now, and I think maybe it's because it looks much fatter than the r. But, it could just be that it's too close?

The mark is cool and I especially like the placement. Have you tried flipping it so the tail end points in? Just a thought.

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My two cents. The mark sounds to me very "tribal" and "organic", surely "creative" and "dynamic" as well. The relationship with animation/movies is not immediate, though. I will say tattoos or garden design if I didn't know the company's service. I like the placement and the contrast between organic logo/rational type. I will also consider alternatives to Helvetica.

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That's a very interesting mark. I didn't see the letters at first, it looked more like a theatrical mask.

The white outline will need to be fatter, especially for small sizes.

I second finding an alternative to Helvetica. There are lots of attractive grotesques.

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immediate thoughts are its very feminine (not saying that's a bad thing, just an observation).

I'm guessing you're going for motion/vibrant over anything else.
imo it's not getting the young/creative thing...but that could just be me.

while it might be a nice little bonus, I really wonder whether forcing 'letters' into the mark is necessary.

motion arcs, line, onion skin.

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My worry is that the white stroke on the mark will completely disappear in print, for one (if it were printed), or two, if the mark gets any smaller than we see here.

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I didn't see the letters in the mark at all. That said, I don't think it matters. The mark is cool. I don't think it's feminine, I think it's edgy organic/tattoo/Celtic/wrought-iron-ish.

Oh, and no, it doesn't say "animation studio" immediately -- Thank God! If I see one more logo with stylized mouses or funky pixels I'm gonna open a vein. I much prefer an evocative design that suits the tastes of the studio's customers instead of the tools a studio uses to create animation. It's not like they're selling animation work to software developers.

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thnx guys for the comments,

i ve actually tried it to be tribal and organic as Alaskan n Luca said
to give the meaning of alive n life-like feel.

i also agree with the small space between the mark, sure will try
out a new version with more space.ty evenbong.

forcing the word arc was an attempt with the style,but i am open
to suggestion to make it more descriptive about the service which
is animation,will there be a tweak it and wat exactly wd to make it
scream ANIMATION !!

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it's a tough one, lots of people see animation as computer generated, rather than story telling and bringing things to life (regardless of medium). It's also not a genre.

but maybe there's something in that...'bringing things to life'

arc - noah, the frames came in two by two.

just throwing it out there.


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yea very true, totally agree with u Ratbaggy ppl see animation as CG and not art of storytelling.

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The mark and the type don't feel like they belong together.

The mark also evokes "tattoo." Overly complicated and not memorable. If someone saw this for 5 seconds, would they remember how to draw it later? I know that's not the litmus test of a good design, but I'd consider simplifying it. Your approach is appropriate. Let that swooshy thing crystallize into something simpler.

Perhaps "AS" can become a swirling monogram? You've almost got a lowercase "a" there...

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here are some variation.

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I like the way it's looking less like a Celtic knot pattern now, and I like the last variant that looks like a butterfly. But which one does your client like?

BTW I was just looking at Colin Samuels and it struck me it might work for this company.

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An 'arc' suggests energy leaping upwards from one point to another, like a rainbow. Your logo hangs down like a lazy decoration. Why not have it 'leap' upward from one point to another? Every arc I've ever seen arcs upwards, not downwards.


And I don't think you need to try to spell 'arc' with the lines. It isn't obvious enough. Focus on emotion and energy, not cleverness.

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