I have a problem with the fonts Titillium...

Hello people!

Yesterday I had just downloaded all the seven fonts Titillium from the site Campivisi, I copied them on the past Fonts of my computer, but I've a problem yet. After having downloaded them, at Word 2007, notepad and Paint Seven, I found only ONE font Titillium, and not all the SEVEN fonts. How do I correct the error? I'm desesperate!

Good week!

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Have you contacted the designer/foundry? What did they say?

Cheers, Si

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What is the foundry's correct e-mail? I caught the three designers e-mails at the site Campivi's credits, while this site doesn't have contacts, I sent, but I'm afraid of sending to the wrong persons.

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From the license...

The designers seem to have declined to list email contacts...

3.4 Acknowledgements
(Here is where contributors can be acknowledged.

If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), email (E), web-address (W) and description (D). This list is sorted by last name in alphabetical order.)

N: Luca Antonucci
W: http://www.campivisivi.net
D: Contributor

N: Paola Bacchiocchi
W: http://www.campivisivi.net
D: Contributor

N: Simone Bastianelli
W: http://www.campivisivi.net
D: Contributor

N: Francesca Bonci
W: http://www.campivisivi.net
D: Contributor


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Could they be style linked in a way that the software isn't recognising?

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Thank you, I've just sent only to Luca and Paola, so Simone and Francesca are ex-student and don't give us the e-mails to enter in contact with them.

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My money is on screwed up font naming conventions, not style-linking.

Also see: http://typophile.com/node/68464

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I downloaded Titillium last week, installed them via FontExplorer X. Works fine for me on ID CS4, not so fine in Word 2008. (OSX10.6.2)

FontExplorer X:

Indesign CS4:

Word 2008:

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Yes, this is a problem with the naming conventions. The student designers did not take this into consideration when building the name table. Easy mistake really.

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Jadez and Fontsquirrel, how do I do it?

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Hey Jadez, I don't have Word 2008, InDesign CS4 and FontExplorer X.

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Yes, this is a problem with the naming conventions. The student designers did not take this into consideration when building the name table. Easy mistake really.

That's crap. It's a fundamental mistake that never should have happened.

The real question why don't you find an equally "easy" remedy, instead of continuing to offer flawed downloads?

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If I am not mistaken the vfb-files are also available… so it’s just a matter of diving in there with FL5 and fixing the problem.

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Is that the task of the end user? Gimme a break, and stop letting type designers off the hook for their creations.

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Yeah, that's a very amateurish mistake and certainly not the end user's job to fix. Especially since they'd be very unlikely to have FontLab!

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Where are oy, Jadez?

I need to correct this error! Please help me!

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It's not your error.

Don't hold your breath for Font Squirrel or the "designers" to fix it anytime soon, if ever.

Need an immediate fix? Buy Klavika:

It also seems that several posts in the thread I cited above (9.May.2010 3.45pm) have been removed, including several by Florian Hardwig. What the hell is that about?

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no, I don’t think anything has been removed. Is it possible you are referring to the comments I made in this thread?
Um Enigma Chamado Brasil': contemporary square sans - Klavika {Simon R}
It was linked by Dave Williams (dtw) in the other thread you mentioned.

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@steve- I am not responsible for this font. I am merely pointing out what is wrong. It would be trivial though to build a tool to allow someone to fix this. Maybe I should be doing that instead of posting here.

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>Gimme a break, and stop letting type designers off the hook for their creations.

Break? They are free! Type designers? They are free! Hook? Helllllloooooo They are free fonts.


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Florian: My bad. Yes, I was referring to the thread you included. Sorry.

Ethan: I wasn't suggesting the problem was your fault. We all know where the fault is. But why continue to offer a font with a known failing without even mentioning it? "It would be trivial though to build a tool to allow someone to fix this. Maybe I should be doing that instead of posting here." Instead of including a fix-it tool with a defective font, why not just fix it yourself and distribute a working font? Did you ever contact Campivi?

David: Duh! because it's free, its beyond criticism? Or are you suggesting that all free fonts are crap? I've gotten more than my share of fonts I've paid for that don't work right out of the box. I don't care if it's free, fairly priced, or grossly overpriced, a font should work, and if it doesn't it has no business being put on the market. If it was a car, Titillium would be recalled. More than a few of my fonts have come from FB; my last purchase was Whitman. Either I don't understand where you're coming from, or if I do, I'm surprised. Or maybe disappointed. Cheers back atcha.

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Dear persons, I have just received Luciano's e-mails. Luciano said:

"Hi, sorry for delay in answering. We'll fix as soon as possible it was our mistake. We generated the font quickly without checking the naming."

Luciano sent me another e-mail with a zip of two fonts Titillium, I downloaded, open the zip and I installed the tewo fonts Titillium (Regular and Bold), it works perfectly in Word 2007! But he still didn't correct the other weights of Titillium fonts, as Light (1wt), 250wt, 600wt and Extrabold (999wt). Is Regular 400wt and Bold 800wt?

Luciano warned us that he's travelling and students finished course and there is nobody who can regenerate quickly the font.

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@Steve Marston: Why so negative? I wonder if you have some agenda against fonts which are zero price and commercially modifiable ;-)

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>Duh! because it's free, its beyond criticism?

Not beyond criticism, obviously, and please don't call me Duh!. ;)
That free fonts are beyond "...the market", "creative hooks" and "business" should be clear though. Or are people who publish their fonts for free expected to provide support, upgrades or customization to the specific needs of their free users?


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"are people who publish their fonts for free expected to provide support, upgrades or customization to the specific needs of their free users?"

No, but the fonts should work.

I own Jos Buivenga's Calluna and love it, and I really like some of his free fonts. Fontin is screwed up however, and he won't fix it. Fair enough, but I think it reflects negatively on him and his other work. If I were in his position, I'd either fix it or take it down.

I haven't kept score, but I'm pretty sure I've had more problem with paid fonts from well known designers than I've had with free fonts. That proves nothing. Just saying.

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"If it was a car, Titillium would be recalled."
Sorry but this really is one of the more inane font-to-physical-world comparisons I've heard lately. Malfunctioning cars freakin kill people. That's why they eventually, sometimes, get recalled. Not because of some sort of inherent morals, or professionalism, or whatever of the automotive industry that the font world lacks. Besides, I really haven't seen too many cars that were available for free.

I personally wouldn't use Titillium, but as with most free fonts, you simply get what you pay for. Complaining seems pretty pointless to me.

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As with most free fonts, you simply get what you pay for. Complaining seems pretty pointless to me.

Au contraire. Sometimes with free fonts you get more than you pay for, and sometimes with paid-for fonts you get less than you paid for. I don't care if it's a paid-for or a free font. If it does not work is should be fixed or removed. Of the more than half-dozen paid-for fonts that would not work as downloaded, generally the vendor corrected the problem; some slowly, some begrudgingly, and some gladly. At least one I had to fix myself.

I recently downloaded the free font Veggieburger and had a problem with it. The designer acknowledged the problem and said he was unaware of it; within hours, he fixed it and emailed me the corrected font. Better service than I've ever gotten from a designer or vendor for a paid font with a problem. A class act.

When I wrote to Jos Buivenga about Fontin, he was kind enough to reply, and he agreed with me, but said he didn't have the time to fix it. Fair enough.

Let me try to be clear about my position. I'm not "negative" on free fonts. I'm not "negative" on paid-for fonts. I love fonts that work. I hate fonts that don't work. I love people that accept responsibility for their work. Do I expect tons of "free" service from makers of free fonts? No! Do I expect type designers who charge for their fonts to give me a font that works out of the box? Absolutely! Does that always happen? Absolutely not.

I'm getting sick and tired of type designers and typophiles who piss and moan about people who want free fonts, and then, usually in the same breath, defend type designers who charge for their fonts when they don't work by saying "Sh*t happens." If I'm paying good money for what I expect to be good fonts, sh*t shouldn't happen. That should be the difference between professionals and amateurs. The high and mighty who think they can charge for fonts and deliver fonts that don't work should get off their high horse. Some free font designers put you to shame.

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Yes, but in this particular instance, Titillium is a free font. To continue your awful car analogy, if someone gives you a car for free, are you going to make him or her pay for the service when something goes wrong? I agree that if you buy a font with a commercial license that does not allow modification, then it should work out of the box. I also agree that this does not always happen, and I agree that type designers, if they want to maintain reputations as producers of quality work, should be obliged to fix whatever problems there are. Most do fix these problems when asked. However, you should not expect the same out of the designer of a free font with a license that allows modification.

This is how the free market works. What does this person who gave you their fonts for free stand to gain from fixing a bug, or lose from not fixing it?

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Maybe this should be a different post.

I think complaining about a gift is not very nice.

I will not mention names here, but in the last six month a clients of mine licensed some font from two different smaller foundries. One foundry also had the naming set the “Titillium” way, so in Word only the Black Italic was functioning. It took a lot of time and effort to get good fonts, since they first claimed the fonts were okay in Adobe CS.

The other foundry delivered fonts that didn’t work well with Universal Type Server. They knew about this problem, but blamed UTS. The designers wanted to use the font, but couldn't. The EULA states no modification etc. etc. etc, and the foundry claims that the fonts are 100% okay.
So my moral question would be; to fix or not to fix the fonts in this case??

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Please stop discussing. I've just received more another Luciano's e-mail. He told me, that tomorrow he would correct all the fonts and send me the complete family with new fonts' names:

1 = thin
250 = light
400 = regular
600 = medium
800 = bold
999 = xbold

When he will send me, I'll send for FontsQuirrel for substituting all the failed fonts and the problem will be removed.


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If you could send me the found the foundry names that had issues in UTS, we'll work with the foundries to clarify why they are being flagged as corrupt, and see what we can do about it.

Jim Kidwell
jkidwell at extensis.com

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Please stop discussing.

Not your call.

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Where is FontSquirrel? I need his e-mail...

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Now that these technical problems are resolved, how do you feel about Titillium?

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Now that these technical problems are resolved...

Corrected fonts still not available at Font Squirrel.

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I love this font, but it doesn't contain smart quotes. I'm a total font newbie but I've had a go before modifying a glyph in an open source font. Not sure what I used. IS there a freebie program out there that would let me edit it? As its open source that would be OK wouldn't it? ANd presumably I could sort out the naming at the same time?

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I'm confused. I'm pretty sure we have the latest version up. Why do you think otherwise?

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version made 2010.05.13. There are these two quotes:
U+201d quotedblright, U+201e quotedblbase. You need to make U+201c and fix up some other glyphs.
getho > FontForge http://typophile.com/node/71038

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did you ever get the fixed font?
i'm struggling with the same problem
can you send me a link to titillium with fixed font family styles?

many thanks

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