Calibri as a body text font in a book

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I have a corporate client whose font is Calibri.
This was chosen because the majority of their communication is on-screen and also because they like to generate their own documents from word (god help me).

They have now come to me with a book design project and have expressed a desire to use Calibri throughout.

Any opinions regarding this will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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Calibri is a good typeface per se. As for its suitability in a book, it obviously depends on the type of book.
If there’s lot of running text, you could suggest to use a more “safe” serif typeface, and use Calibri just for headers and such.

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Yes, it depends what sort of book, and also what kind of layout. If the design is more like a magazine or an annual report, then Calibri is a possibility: give plenty of leading and set text in columns. If they layout is more like a traditional book, then use a serif face for text and limit Calibri to headers.

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PS. Who is the company? I'm always interested to see what people are doing with the ClearType collection fonts.

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Thanks BIG TIME. Most helpful.

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John, the official font of Arla Foods is Calibri, so that's at least one name for you.

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It's a small company in AUstralia. I'd give you their name, but their website isn't a great example of quality design. sorry.

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