Calibri as a corporate font

I have a corporate client whose font is Calibri.
This was chosen because the majority of their communication is on-screen and also because they like to generate their own documents from word (god help me).

They have now come to me with a book design project and have expressed a desire to use Calibri throughout.

Any opinions regarding this will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

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This probably belongs in the "Design" forum, but to respond to this, count your blessings; Calibri is a nice design. It's not like they're asking for Comic Sans. Calibri has exceptional glyph coverage including many ligatures, alternates and true small caps. If you utilize these features you might end up with something less awful than you're imagining.

If there is heavier reading in the book I would opt for a serifed book typeface and pair it with Calibri as the display and/or caption typeface.

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Thanks Eric. I bow down to your ability to condescend to answer even though I posted in the wrong section. :)

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OH, and I just googled you -- love your blog.

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