Any ideas on what 'standard' PC fonts would match well with this logo?

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I need to create a bunch of Word templates that use 'standard' PC fonts (like...Times, Cambria, etc. etc. that would be found on most PCs.) My non-profit client runs a conference that takes place in different cities every year; the documents are accessed by all the staff members, drafted and printed out just days before the conference starts, using rental and clients' PC computers set up in a hotel room-turned-office.

The workshop's logo is attached, below. I think the sans serif font is Interstate light, and the 'th' is Caslon 540 italic.

Up until now, they've been using Verdana (!) as a default bold header, and TImes New Roman as the body copy for documents, because those are the lowest common denominator fonts that all the computers are sure to have.

Are there any other 'lowest common denominator' fonts that would pair well (or better) with this logo? I especially want to find a more elegant-but-commonly-used sans serif--I just don't know the PC font system so well.

For background info, the workshop attracts participants who are politicians, defense ministers, ambassadors, etc etc (= a pretty conservative crowd, so nothing too modern or stylish...)


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I maybe would go with Franklin Gothic and Palatino.

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Segoe UI is a pretty decent font, is available in regular, bold, italic and bold italic, and has Script and Print versions, to boot.

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There is only one font in Securitania -- Arial.
Ministers of defense would surely appreciate the doublethink involved.

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Thanks for your insight--makes me feel better that I'm getting advice from respected authorities in the field!

I will then stick to Times New Roman for body copy--and Arial for the headers, name tents, badges, etc. Now all I have to worry about is my mac knocking all the margins out of whack everytime I open a document.

At least I tried to branch out, but it seems like in this case, Arial and Times are the safest bets to keep the documents consistent from staff member to staff member. Thanks!

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Take a look at the latest pdf in this thread, or contact me offline.

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