‘Pink Mince’

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Is Typophile stalwart Ultrasparky’s zine Pink Mincea smart homage to old physique mags or a journal of contemporary type and vintage lettering with pictures of dudes”?

Whyever can’t it be both?

Surely such a publication must be immediately attractive to the thronging coterie of typographic homosexualists, among others.

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Whyever can’t it be both?

Because erotema adds punch to hendiadys.

Also, some people may have trouble associating sexuality with the nerd-factor of typography.

But you're right -- both indeed.

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I usually associate well-drawn curves with Mamie van Doren, so I really don’t want nice type showing up in my porn.

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Isn't pink mince something one finds in undercooked meat pasties?

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The "journal of contemporary type" gag is a totally real but less in-your-face part of that li'l endeavor (the other themes are pretty obvious, really), since doing a little side project gives me a chance to work with some of my favorite typefaces made by some of my favorite folks, like Ingeborg by the Typejockeys, Maple and Seravek by the Process Type Foundry, the Studio Lettering set from House Industries, Cyclone by Hoefler & Frere-Jones and some beloved old gems that I rarely get to use otherwise, like Cooper Black and Stilla. It even gives me an excuse to blow the cobwebs of my own (still unfinished, still unreleased) Gina family and encourage me to keep at it.

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