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Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Wether you like it or not? It's for a cocktail bar, to be used as both signage and logo. I'm trying to portray a classic feel to the bar, but with contemporary ideologies. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. The colours are not final as the end thing will be a photograph with fruit and other bar related objects showing through the lettering. Thank you for your time!

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another version

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The split in the X seems too strong

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It's not immediately apparent that the stencil-like treatment of the X is intended to shape a cocktail glass.
The little umbrella appears floating, more than leaning against the glass or sticking out from something inside.

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It's a good idea, but lets see some more variations and revisions.

General gut-reaction comments:

- the weight of the X's strokes are too thick compared to the other letterforms
- the banners/ribbons are distracting rather than enhancing
- the umbrella isn't matching stylistically. Maybe go with something that can be rendered a bit more iconically (olives?)

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thank you so much to bojev, riccardo0 and aluminum, I shall make changes based on your comments and post some more attempts. here is what it may look like with the fruit behind...

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oh and any suggestions for a good deco font, that would have a heavy enough weight that the fruit would show through well?
(if that makes sense?!)

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Here are some changes based on your feedback, any pointers greatly appreciated

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a good deco font, that would have a heavy enough weight


But, with the new frame, maybe it would be better white letters over a "fruity" background.

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Had 20 minutes to kill and thought I'd give it a quick try. I obviously didn't go type hunting, just used something in my current library.

I just think simple is where you need to go. Stick with black until you're sure the mark is right.

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Thanks riccard0 and tkdesign.. I like the olive however it is a more of a contemporary cocktail bar and is unlikely to serve martinis, so have to go with something other than olives! like the placement of the type though, do you think the x carries the glass shape well enough on its own without being segmented?

riccard0, mostra nuova is perfect, very 20's Italia!


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complete change os name, complete change of logo. any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks

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Start over. Seriously.

Aside from the VERY distracting kerning and too-trendy (and inelegant) font, why would you want to inject a dollar sign, especially right above the word "elixirs?" Just call the joint "hucksters" and get it over with!

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Hi alaskan, the S and glass were not meant to look like a dollar sign, I see that it does, what I was trying to do was represent the Bowl of Hygeia. I have changed it now and gone back to the original name (a variation on). I know I previously said no olives, however it seems to work better in all sizes than other symbols.
Crits appreciated,

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Spelt it wrong!
schoolboy error

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Double post.

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It feels like way too much is going on in everything you've done so far. And both X's definitely do not need the decorative treatment. Pare back.

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The olives are kind of floating (I would say goodbye to them)...and the "X" or "V" used like a glass is a little bit overused as solution to convey the "cocktail" feeling. If you want to stick to the Twenties,here are few suggestions for typefaces you could try (in addiction to a wisely used Futura, maybe condensed due to the length of the name):



Could even try Chalet for a more "retro-posh" feeling

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The last ampersand reminds me of George from Rainbow:

I think you need to start from a strong concept. I'd want the name settled for definite and a clear idea of the style of bar. 'Classic and contemporary' doesn't mean anything to me. What era is 'classic' anyway? Ask questions like what is the client demographic? What is the atmosphere going to be like? What sort of music? Until this is clear, the graphic elements are not coherent. And stay away from fruit showing through...can you read the yellow-on-white italics in your example?

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Go back to paper. Sketch out a couple dozen concepts until you find something you think is strong. Worry about the type once you have a good concept.

I actually think that your first is the strongest conceptually, if not necessarily in execution. I think that right now you're lacking a clear concept off of which to build.

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Stack them.


Then your "X" in mixers can be used as a martini glass just once. It's all you need.

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thank you to everyone for your helpful suggestions, I have now changed it as I didn't tend to get a positive response to the negative space treatment of the x. thank you again

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