(x) Beehive Tea Room Script - Romany or Apricot {Bart H}

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I'm trying to help someone identify this font she wants to use for her wedding announcement. She asked someone at the shop and they told her it's "Roman E Script," but I can't find anything by that name. She took these photos of the signage. Any ideas?

For extra credit, I'd also like to know what the font is used for CHILDREN'S SELECTION that is cut off at the top in the second shot.

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Romany (this explaines the "Roman E") or Apricot.

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Thanks, Bart.

Any takers on the other font? There seems to be enough distinctive information in the lower portion of some of those letters to make an ID.

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Based on the wide 'C', the relatively narrow other letters, and the shape of the 'R', I'd say it's a hand-painted representation of New Yorker Type.

- Lex

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