Apple Vs WOOLWORTHS logo trademark case

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Hi all,

I notice Apple is trying to stop the Australian company Woolworths from using their new logo which to me looks like a bunch of bananas or some other produce formed into a W.

I live in Australia and see the W logo everywhere and I am a fan of it, I have never ever thought of an Apple let alone Apple the electronics company when I have viewed this new logo.

I mean the logo does not share any aesthetic qualities compared to the Apple logo in terms of color/style although there is a tiny outside resemblance of an outside shape of an apple and one that is not near the shape of Apples.

I mean how much overkill can a company go to stop another unrelated company from using a logo? Is someone employed at Apple to view logos all day to ensure no one goes near their brand?

I mean if Apple gets there way you may as well not even think about designing logos anymore, I see logos that look like other ones all the time and look a whole lot more alike than the Apple Woolworth W!

Heck why doesn't the creator of Pacman sue the pants off LG for using the pacman shape in it's logo!

Talk about Apple turning into the new Microsoft.

Just wondering what others thoughts are on the subject.

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reminds me much more of this apple

than of this apple

…which really brings out the irony of the case quite nicely.

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Hmm… What would Apple say about this logo I made for a publishing company…

Target might sue me as well…

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This story seems to be from October of last year. Is this in the news again, or just posted to pile onto the current Apple backlash?

A quick Web search reveals that Woolies TM application permits using the logo on electronic devices. Slap this bad boy on the back of a store-brand netbook, Android powered Slate, or MP3 player (esp if they make it gray) and you can see why Apple is crying foul.

>Talk about Apple turning into the new Microsoft.

I don't recall a similar logo dispute involving MSFT?

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To me, the logo clearly looks like an apple.

Don't think I'd make a connection to the Apple logo if it was on groceries, but says: "Woolworths' application asked for a blanket trademark extending even to electrical goods and technology". So if they had the right to put it on an electronic item, I could see why Apple might care.

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In other news, researchers look at the subliminal effects of looking at a mac logo all day...

But seriously, appl is probably just suing to say that they didn't have any instances of not defending their trademark.

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>Talk about Apple turning into the new Microsoft.

Sii I was just referring to Apples apparent need and greed for world domination of late, like the no flash allowed on Iphone issue, just reminds me on Micro$oft back in the 90's trying to monopolize everything.

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It looks like an apple, but not like a macintosh apple... More of a cortland or northern spy.

The resemblance of the Woolworths logo to the Mac logo is slight and they are less confusable than the Honda & Hyundai "H" logos by far, The idea that Apple is within it's the rights to trademark not just their particular illustration of an apple but an entire species of fruit is just absurd.

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I now have it on good authority that the Woolworth's logo is an apple peal.

Sometimes big corporations are like parodies of themselves.

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