GQ Magazine Cover Font

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Can anyone PLEASE tell me what that font is that GQ magazine uses on their covers now? That beveled techy-looking font. It is driving me crazy trying to figure it out!! Anyone, please help.Font Example

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OK, this is definitely why typophiles are geeks (myself included)

Will Miller's picture

hilarious you said that because i didnt even realize it until you stated it

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Anyone know where or how I can get it?

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My guess would be You have to fill out a form, but they distribute the font.

A. Scott Britton's picture

Interesting, because the face reminds one (or at least me) of the block lettering so commonly found on college sports uniforms (you could easily envision 'OHIO STATE' in this face).

Seems fairly radical of GQ, who, it goes without saying, is a setter of ultra-fashionable trends in the world of men's clothing. Not that the face is bad or anything.

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