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We're a nonprofit that does arts education and we're looking for some feedback on our logo designs. So I have to questions

1 - Where can I find a good logo designer?
2 - what do you think of this logo/branding?


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The current branding says 90s all the way.

The Greek style type and the colour palette are dated.

The icon itself has potential if paired with a typeface that is less decorative. When using colour, I'd try to choose something fun like an orange or lime green OR something primary like Red or Blue.

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Agree with TkDesign,
Furthermore, greek-like type does not match the icons, that remind me of native-american symbols, calling for a brighter/warmer palette (black/orange/brown). Last consideration, icon will need reworking, beacuse they look slightly clip-art...

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1 - Email me and we'll chat!
2 - The only treatment that is close to me is your letterhead design. Even then, it's all caps and all letterspaced. I think you need a typographic solution that condenses it into separate lines (the * represents your logo):

       Creative Arts
Education Foundation

     A  R  T  S

Having the mark split your title doesn't flow as well:

        Creative Arts
Education Foundation

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