Architectural studio logo

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I'm going to design a logo for a small architectural & design studio in Italy. I would like to communicate professionality along with an image of freshness and innovation. Any suggestion on a font?

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Depends on the logo you'll create and of course the name/concept, but what about Foundry type? Form Sans / Monoline?

Foundry Types

I know this is ultra expensive but it totally rules and never seen it used: Neo Sans. Still looking for the right job to buy this beautifull font. ( Monotype. site is currently down)

Best of luck! Keep us typinformed :P

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Maybe FontBureau's Amplitude.


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Thank you very much for your suggestions they are both interesting.
When working on a small budget is there a way to try several fonts on a design without purchasing them right away? I know that I can test drive a font or download a PDF but are there other options?

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Houses Neutraface is very architectual

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