Outlier Italic: Feedback Please. First Typeface

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This is a very quick and rough (very rough) draft of my typeface. I was just looking for feedback and everyones first impressions keep in mind this is my first typeface and I am relatively new to the process.

I have currently only done the lowercase just because I'm not 100% sure what direction I should be going in. I was going for an italic serif loosely based off of Bodoni and I tried to go with the Old style/ Transitional style.

First impression, critique, technical aspects any comment will be helpful thank you.

I'm really having trouble with c/e/f/y/k/s/ but of course I will take any advice on all or any of the letters.

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Let's address first the salient feature of the face, the square ball terminals, or block terminals I guess. I feel they fall between two preferable treatments: Either the stroke should be narrower where it meets the block, the inner curve being about halfway across, or the inner curve should turn all the way to meet the corner.

The thins are extremely thin, and I would expect them to agree more with the weight of the serifs and crossbars.

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I agree on the weight of the thins, I'm going in and adding some thickness.
I've been doing a lot of readings on the technical aspects of certain characters,
but there is little information out there on italic serif. Do you know how to properly make an italic /o/?
It seems like theres more to it then rotating it and tweeking the counter.

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This is interesting! Any new progress these past few weeks?

I can guarantee you that I am more of a noob than you, but I'll offer my comments anyway... just take them with a grain of salt.

I do like the idea for the terminals, but I do think they could use some minor tweaking. I agree with cerulean's comments, but between the two options mentioned, I kind of prefer the former. I think you've just about nailed it with the terminal on the /r/. In my opinion, the curve appears to be sufficiently thin and at the correct angle as it meets the terminal. The /f/, /c/, etc. appear to be somewhat undecided....

Do you plan on making a Roman for this, or will it be strictly Italics?

Keep it up!

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