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Looking to see if anyone can identify the font used for Barbuti Fine Menswear.

I love the Tuscan-inspired feel of it!


Any help is much appreciated.

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I would almost bet it's custom drawn. I was going to say something like Rockwell with the triangles cut out (and I agree it's a pretty smart and nice effect!) but once you zoom in to that Flash, this has curves that I'd hope aren't in any commercially available font :-\

(Or can Flash be to blame for mangling curves like that?)

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Yeah, even a 2x zoom reveals it's not an old wood type Tuscan. I'll second that custom vote.

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Thanks guys / gals!

I was thinking it was custom as well... just seems like it could be a font (without zooming in, that is). Figured it couldn't hurt to run it by the forum.

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I think it's custom made and probably from Memphis.

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Nina - flash sometimes compresses and simplifies curves if the font is not embedded, so your guess may be right.

- Lex

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