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I've recently taken over as the IT director for a student organisation at the university I attend. As part of my duties, I'm in charge of all the organisation's graphic design. Because my uni is in southern Louisiana, someone years ago decided that the logo has to incorporate a prawn, but the old logo was in my opinion not really recognisable as anything. This is old logo:

And this is one I am working on:

I tried to make it more apparent what it was supposed to be and also make it look less Looney-Tunes-esque. Any criticism anyone could give would be appreciated. I'm not a graphic designer, but the responsiblity falls to me, so I'm doing my best.

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I reckon this is a great start.

well done.

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Can you tell us a little about the student organisation in question? What's it's purpose? This really helps define the insignia as well as the typeface you use.

My main concern with your revised version is that it's, errr, wiggly. The image certainly says "prawn" to me far more than the previous version. However, by nature prawns aren't good at being self-contained.

I keep seeing possibilities with circles on this one. You may try bounding the prawn via curling it up in a more circular shape, or creating a boundary (i.e. thin-lined circle) that the prawn's feelers break.

Challenging assignment, good luck!

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To be honest, I still prefer the first one. Especially the typography.

Logos don't always have to show the entire object. Sometimes it's more interesting to show a small representation of the rest of the object.

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It's a residential hall association that is meant to promote a sense of community and is in charge of several events throughout the semestre.

This revision looks a bit awkward, but I tried to give a more unified appearance.

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I think the prawn is too bold and blocky compared to the RHA... perhaps it might be good to make it a little thinner and smaller!

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I'm with steve.acres, I prefer the first logo too... It's far more interesting. The revisions that you are presenting us look like clip art...
But if you still feel the need to redesign, maybe you should work more in the typography.

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wtf. you changed the one I commented one.

sorry, prefer the old

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All I did to my original post was change the one image to two images.

I thought the old logo was ugly, but the general consensus seems to be that my version is worse than the original, so I guess I'll just leave things the way they were.

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Consider a less drastic change. If you want to update the logo, by all means.

Try simplifying the components of the prawn, and maybe giving the type more attention (but don't use the type you were using on your other attempt, it's not as strong.) Toy around with that and see what happens.

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In all these examples, the prawn dwarfs the type. Try making the prawn subordinate to the type and focus on choosing the proper typeface.

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I second that.

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I'm just here to suggest we call this thing a crawfish instead.

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Ok, District 9 references aside...

I think a more abstracted prawn/crawfish might also work. These examples are all so literal.

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