Need Help Matching Type to Logo

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I'm at my wits end with finding a good typeface to match our new logo. Originally we were going with Mr Eaves Sans Small Caps, but the owner isn't 100% on it. Since then I've only found a few that worked but none with that felt right X factor. Thought maybe I could find some help here.

We're a production/post-production boutique that makes commercials, animation, etc, but there's also a heavy focus on film. We've made 2 documentaries and one feature film. So there's that bit of duality going on here. The name of the company is TigerLily Media and the logo comes from an old asian legend about how the tiger lily flower came to get it's name.


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I get a little Eric Gill vibe from the graphic - maybe try something from him (Perpetua, Linotype Pilgrim, Joanna...)

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Try a roman typeface similar to Trajan.

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