Logo that needs type correction and maybe more?

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First and foremost, forgive me for my relatively bad English.

I really love this forum. I've learned so much in here. I'm an educated graphic designer, but type in logos are my biggest challenge. I know how much it means to have the right font, spacing and more...

Can you help me with the font/spacing/lettering on this one??

And what do you think: The first (with round corners) or the last with hard lines???

File is attached...

Thank you in advance...

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The type is being overshadowed by the starmark...which imo looks 'broken and bent' (I think I get what you're trying to go for...some sort of power/movement...it just isn't hitting the mark.) - it's also so clsoe to symetrical, while not being that it's distracting, I'd get a gemoetric grid happening and take the idea further.

this is one of my recent ones ©




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Hi Paul

Thank you for your comment. I have a question below...

I really would love some ideas for a better font... do you, or anyone, has any?

"which imo looks 'broken and bent'" I've made it less bent. Please see below. Is any of those better?

The mark should symbolize the first two letters in the logo... please see how below... :-)

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I have changed the font size and placed it a bit differently... What do you think?

Thank you in advance... :-)

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yeah cool, not EXACTLY the concept I thought you were going for...but very similar.

The issue is that it looks like a point that's been bent or bashed, rather than a dynamic pose, I'd move away from mechanical and head toward organic, or revise your approach (i.e, to not be a star). The last illustration gets closest to this 'abstraction'.

I'm ignoring the type for now...but as a though, it's fairly rigid too.

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Thank you for your thoughts... I have sent the logo to the client. It ended with no. 4 from my last post.

We started out with at dynamic 'pose' but we (the client and me) turned towards the more pointy design... :-)

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cool. broken star point ftw!

great thread.

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I don't see why you should force your mark to resemble a star. It seems to be limiting the potential of the design. An abstracted mark that looks more like a football player would be much more compelling than a star that is trying (and sort of failing) to look like one.

I just took your images and transplanted them together. I know you can't really use this particular football player graphic but you may agree that this could be a useful direction.

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