2 hours to swap out typeface!

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Hi guys,

I did a logo for a condo about 4 years ago (pre-well-rounded design education...) utilizing a dafont special (roughly a copycut of futura).

The client just emailed me to inform me they're changing their lightboxes etc, so there's opportunity to swap in a better typeface.

I ran through the usual suspects, wasn't wild about any. Started getting away from geometrics and grotesques to the quirky dutch guys (quadraat, documenta, scala) and these didn't quite seem to fit either.

Any ideas?

Condos are in a relatively revitalized bohemian neighbourhood in Vancouver, Canada. Concrete with a bit of exposed wood, decorative plaster lobby and hallways. Demographic is fairly young semi-professionals (nurses, teachers, burgeoning business owners etc).

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That would be unwise, as the design relies on the congruence of the coloured discs and the circular bowl of "d" and "a".

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