a non-typophile need some help

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It's about that time again, I need to print out some new business cards.
The problem is that I'm a programmer and my sense of esthetics is bordering non-existence.

So I thought to ask the pros of the internet for some advice (someone has to stop me before I use Helvetica(again)).
I know it's a bit cheeky to ask for free advice when people do this for a living, but after all, isn't that what the internet is for?
Any way i'm looking for a typeface (as you might have guessed), I'm going for a minimalistic design, probably black on off-white(but I'm open to suggestions).
I'm looking for a typeface with a kind of mathematical or computerized feel to it, hopefully simple and readable, I'm thinking sans-serif but what the hell do I know...
Obviously, I'm prepared to pay for the typeface but i don't want to mortgage my house.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

p.s. I'm sorry if this type of post is not welcome here, I didn't see any forum rules so I assumed it's okay.

Edit: I forgot to mention, my slogan is as follows:

When code monkeys dream...

If that sparks any ideas.

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You're a coder, eh?

Try a mono-spaced font: Letter Gothic -- you might already have that on your system.

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Monospaced Typewriter by Manfred Klein a free font

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With that slogan, the font has to be Blade Runner. Let's hope the Dick estate isn't paying attention.

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Maybe Droid Mono, or Consolas. Replicant - not so much - http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?pid=206158&

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Monospaced fonts are associated to coders mainly between IT professionals and designers. For many people this association is not so obvious.

I'd prefer to use fonts very clear, with a strong vertical display and no ornaments at all. Some examples: ITC Lennox, ITC Orbon, Handel, Verve, Badloc, Assembly SSI.

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Technical, but not monospaced: Klavika by Eric Olson.

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I second Klavika. Maybe also have a look at:
FF Magda Clean
Breuer Text

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Audimat by the SMeltery (Free)

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Thanks a lot for all your help, there are a lot of good suggestion here.
Now I just need to make up my mind...

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I third Klavika. :)

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Maybe it's the specimen skills of process type foundry, but I fourth Klavika.

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