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Hallo to everyone, I am posting for first time a work of mine after lurking in the forums appreciating the high quality of the threads for a looong time. I designed this logo for a new travel agency, the client has already accepted the draft but I know there is still room for improvements. Many thanks for any feedback and please, be critic!

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Start with only black and white when creating the mark. Simplify the elements you're working with.

Remember that the logo will need to be reproduced in all sorts of low quality ways and cramped-for-space places. Scale the logo down, does it still work?


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The feel and color seems quite nice, but I agree about simplification, and the level of detail.

Also, you're possibly getting a bit close to this in structure.

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Wish I've posted before, probably I am getting blind due to excessive monitor exposure.
Here is the BW version, reworked a little bit: it loses a lot of contrast. Thanks for the feedback.

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The halftone pattern adds too much detail and mannerism. Try to enlarge the camel and rider and complete the circle with a swoosh-like shape or two in the style of the sand dunes.

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Definitely no to the halftones

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I think what penn and nina were referring to was the camel.

There's simply too much detail. That whip/swtich the rider's holding needs to go, clean up the line of the animal's stomach where the rider's foot or perhaps the saddle pokes out--get rid of it.

I also saw Obama's logo.

Overall it's fairly nice.

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Many many thanks for the precious feedback to everyone and sorry for the late reply, I am travelling to Italy in these days...

Camel trouble: Cranked down the detail, looks way better.
Obama resembling: Sadly is too late, the client already accepted it..and the circle was meant to convey the cyclical life of migrations of Tuareg people and of course, sun and Sahara. I attach a couple of alternative proposals, just to show slightly different approaches..
@ boros and I swear, no more halftones for this logo. But the seventies has this weird grip on me.. ;)

Still working on it, soon I will post the final result.

Logo 1 is the same concept of this one, logo 3 was sort of calligraphic /geometric attempt...

Many many thanks again!

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I didn't really get the whole "Obama" feel from this one as much. The only things it has in common is that it's a circle and there are waves in it. Which is pretty normal. I definitely think the logo chosen is the strongest one, by far. Well done.

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I think you can safely go with just the camel, i.e. drop the actual touareg. This should allow for further simplification of the logo.

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I think the image is very evocative, but perhaps too Arab-centric, unless the agency specializes in that part of the world.

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@steve.acres Thanks, hope so!

@ spankrat & Bloodtype: Unfortunately I can just tweak the logo now, because the client already accepted it. The client specified that she wanted tuareg and sun in the logo...

Attached the result achieved with the help of your suggestions

Thanks to all!

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Getting there . . .

There is something about the orange one that bugs me — I think it's the way the stroke on the top of the hill in the foreground is orange as it passes through the sun. It works where it separates the dunes, but not in front of the sun.

Your greyscale version looks better because the stroke fades to white, but it's still jarring as it fades back to grey on the right side. I say, remove the stroke from in front of the sun.

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Maybe make the sun fade down to orange as it reaches the horizon to help reduce that effect.

- Alex

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@ I tried but it looks somewhat fragmented. Th stroke was intended t0 convey movement, like a light breeze moving red sand ( hop I am not getting too cheesy)
@ Lex Kominek: Thank for the suggestion, I will try. Afterwards I will do signage and business card, I will post the results when they will be ready.

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In all these examples the camel is inside a circle. I want to see you try it out of the circle or without the circle. Or try the circle in black and make the camel white as a knockout.

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