16th century italian typeface

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i have a project about the Index Librorum Prohibitorum, which is a list of prohibited books that the Vatican used to publish. It started in 1559, my project is about the authors that were on this list. Does anyone know any Italian typefaces that were off that period or maybe a new typeface that was based on an older one?...i was thinking Bembo

thank you

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You could start here:

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1559 is late for the actual incunabula types on which Bembo is based, although type in this style continued in use in Italy for a long time. You should note however that publishing of the Index was not limited to Italy: editions were printed across Europe within a few years of the 1559 promulgation. I would consider using something in the Garamond style, which is contemporary with the first editions of the Index and evokes the counter-reformation period better than the earlier Italian types.

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Something by Jonathan Barnbrook (Virus foundry) would also be appropriate, as his work addresses the issues of politics, power and religion.

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