What type to choose?

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Here I have some of the options I thought would make a good contrast with the "JUST" part, but I think there must be a more suitable typeface out there.

Just communities is a non-profit organization, here is their vision and mission statements:

Just Communities envisions an equitable and inclusive network, where all people are connected, respected and valued.

Just Communities advances justice by building leadership, fostering change, and dismantling all forms of prejudice, discrimination and oppression.

Thank you.

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X 3
2 X
X 1

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One being your favorite?

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Any other feedback please? The more I have would be better...

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I think the last one is a step in the right direction: something that recall the roundness of the hand shapes.
I would try to justify the text between "JUST" and "communities".
And maybe also try a different round typeface.

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The hands in the /S/ make it look too thin to my eyes (I think the effect becomes even more obvious/distracting in smaller sizes).
Maybe you’d find a way to give the /S/ a little more weight or else consider lightening J,U and T.
Unless I’m the only one here who thinks that /S/ is too thin.

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Unless I’m the only one here who thinks that /S/ is too thin.

I too found it too light compared to the other letters (and would have suggested to try some different solution to insert the hands in the wordmark).
But the request was just about the complementary typeface, so I didn’t comment on the "JUST" part.

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I'd make hands smaller to make S heavier. It's something that stroke me the first moment I saw it.

But otherwise it's quite hard to separate each combination because they are too close one to another. They could be 50% smaller and more apart.

I don't like any either because they're misaligned or too close to JUST. Have you tried something scripty? YOu have hands, you have people, you have community. Maybe something in style of Ministry Script would work... I'd try that as well.

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Thank you! I got the same feedback about the weight in the S... and I'm working on it :)

But I would like to know more about the accompanying typefaces, does anyone have any suggestions about what typeface would complement the JUST?

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Ok... so I fixed the weight in the S, now it looks more even with the rest. I'm using a sans-serif to accompany the font, but I'm still not sure about the choice....

Thank you for your feedback!

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I would try a rounded terminals typeface. Maybe slanted to match the S terminals (or T's and J's).

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That's where I'm stuck... I'm having a hard time choosing a font :S

Thank you!

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The word "JUST" is so powerful and intimidating that it detracts from the kindness of two hands grasping towards each other.

Perhaps the /J/U/T/ can be in a thinner typeface or in lowercase?

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