Beer typeface ?

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Anyone know of good beer script ? One that conveys a sense of old european well crafted beer or an abby or sainthood?

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How about Font Bureau's new Tangier?
Or something more casual: FF Masala Script

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Sloop works nicely for Berliner Kindl.

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Or maybe rather a blackletter.

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Thank you guys for all your help. I'm going to do some research, check out the typefaces you recommended and give some serious thought to designing my own blackletter-ish custom lettering for the label. I'll report back.

- Cheers

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"Bock" means like "strong dark beer". Does "Bock" set in Sloop reveals that?

A script?
How about starting with something like Friz Quadrata bold set in uppercase?

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You could try my Lobster Font
It's a bold condensed script, and it's free anyway.
Download form [Bad link]

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> "Bock" means like "strong dark beer". Does "Bock" set in Sloop reveals that?

The best design solution isn't always the obvious one.

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@ PabloImpallari

I like your font. Were you inspired by Prägefest?

But tell me: Why do you guys so often use quite funny names for your fonts? Is it "cool" to do so? I just try to understand it.

Best wishes to Argentina from Germany.

PS: Is it a hand towel on your head? Ehm... sorry. Its only a rumor that there are no silly questions existing... ;-)

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I didn't know of Prägefest (now I see where ScriptMT finds the inspiration!).
For the Lobster, inspiration comes from many sources, as stated in the image at the end of the download site.

The Lobster name comes because the same day, just hours after starting the font, I was watching some TV program about how to cook lobsters and it just stick with me.
And for the image, just goggled for lobster images and find that one funny.

By the way, for keeping this post on topic.
You could try Triplett Black, set in all caps.

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