Trying to figure out the name for a type design style, futuristic/japanese/alien/scifi

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Hi all,

My friend has diesel tshirt that simply says diesel, but the typeface is done in sort of a denmark (futuristic type font) but the style of the lettering has been heavily changed and looks sort of alienish while still being able to make out the characters and almost sort of a japanese sort of style that you might see out of some sort of futuristic Japanese scifi cartoon or something.

I'm hoping someone can point into what sort of design style I am talking about, I don't have a photo of the logo and can't seem to find it on google. Under Dafont i guess it would be known as a Techno/Scifi font, I've checked in there and some of those are probably the closet thing I seen resemble it but obviously it isn't, hoping someone might be able to show a name for that sort of style.

Any help would be great

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Why not check the "Foreign Look" fonts at dafont...?

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