Art Deco Font Pairing Suggestion

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Hey everyone, I am looking for a font that would go well with the font "Market Deco." It is a free font that can be found at

This is for a documentary over local theatres that I'm working on as an immersion project for school. Market Deco is the font of the headings or titles (mainly in motion graphics). I need a nice, clean and legible font that compliments it well as a subheading. Something that doesn't stick out as much as the Deco font, less bold.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I forgot to add, it should probably be a sans serif font.

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Mostra Nuova, Neutraface.

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Mostra Nuova is definitely your best bet — to replace Market Deco too. If you want something with less character maybe Burin Sans, Dessau, or a geometric sans.

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Thanks a lot, I'll try it out!

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