Not quite Futura?

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Hi all:

Here is a sign application that I'm wondering how to match. It's clearly a Futura-inspired face, or simply a different cut of the face than the current Adobe "Futura Std" OpenType version I have. But, I'm not sure.....any Futura history specialists out there?

Here is the sign with the Adobe Futura as a pink overlay. You can see that the "3" and "S" are more open in aperture in the signage version, the periods are also rectangular instead of round, and the probably most telling, the leg of the "R" doesn't connect the bowl right at the stem starts further down the bowl.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I'm definitely no Futura expert, but thought I'd respond. From what I understand, these letters come from a draftsman/architectural perspective. The Gotham typeface was derived from an exploration of these letterforms. Many of these characters are similar to Gotham, but single-join of the K is different. So, since these letterforms were often designed by draftsmen, you may not find an exact match. You might also want to look at Nobel and Agenda.

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Here's a link to the design background on Gotham, and the source material. Although, your sample definitely looks more Futura-ish.

Can't seem to add a link. Go to go to Gotham/History.

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I would also look at Neutraface No. 2

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