Looking for modern 21st century font

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I'm working on a logo for an outdoor sculpture route in a small city. The logo is completely typographical and consists of good ol' Franklin Gothic. My client is due back next week and I'd like to show him some alternatives to Franklin Gothic. I'm looking for something that says:

21st century,
not too quirky.

Sans and
different weights are required.

For the moment I'm through with TheSans and Unit.

Any takers?

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Thanks Eliason,
It can be less rigid, more rounded...

Very nice font though!

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I was thinking Locator too. More rounded? Gotham Rounded or Bryant.

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I'd recommend looking at the typefaces at Village.

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Alright Sans fits your brief well, especially with Franklin as your starting point.

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For something quite contemporary but not too quirky, have a look at Lineto – you might like some things especially in their "text" category, like Gravur Condensed or Replica maybe: http://lineto.com/The+Fonts/Font+Categories/Text+Fonts/
Might be too "designey" though, dunno.

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So, something in the top right corner.

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Thanks for your ideas all!

Locator, Gotham Rounded, Bryant, Alright Sans and Replica are beautiful, but too regular looking.

I like Orbit from Village and love /A/ in it, but it is too technical.

Gravur Condensed I do like very much and is certainly on my shortlist.

I guess when I'm looking at Nick's diagram, it could be nearer to the far right and/or lower right corner rather then the upper right corner.

The logo is set totally in caps and should last for at least three years.

kind regards,
Jean Paul

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Perhaps something more like this...

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Try Sansa from Fred Smeijers. BTW, congratulations to the birth of Gabriel … ;)

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Sansa is very nice indeed! One for my shortlist!

Eh, Gabriel...? Do you mean Gerard?

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Ever since I got my copy of SOTA's Coming Together book, I've been interested in Adrianna. It may fit the bill for your logo project.

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Eh, Gabriel...? Do you mean Gerard?

No I meant Gabriel ;^)

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How 'bout Comic Sans? ;)

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I know that's a self promotion and I'm a bit embarrassed to offer my own typeface, but I think it might be what you are looking for:

ITC Migration Sans is available here: http://www.fonts.com/FindFonts/detail.htm?pid=4648666

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Mmm, strange.

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- Just realized this was a 3-year old post when I wrote a reply. Deleted. Doubt he's still looking...

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Whoops, too slow! Lucky for you regret is a useful emotion.
BTW, three years is a mere blip.

Sorry, I don't see anything wrong with Lato (or your recommendation of it).* Although there is a correlation between quality and price (and it's relatively strong in the field of type design) being open-source does not guarantee low quality... Especially when it comes from the person who made FF Pitu:

* And in case you think I'm changing my tune as needed, here's what I wrote in that thread you linked to: http://typophile.com/node/77283#comment-487496

What bugs me is that you know I don't automatically damn open-source efforts (because of our recent exchange concerning Source Sans Pro) but you still take advantage and attack somebody who says anything bad about open-source fonts, even if it's clearly true (for example that they're generally poorly spaced). This is not behavior I consider honorable.

Neither, BTW is deleting self-incriminating posts... And now I'm starting to doubt the story of why you removed the "2,000+" the other day...


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Neither, BTW is deleting self-incriminating posts.

Haven't done that. Contrary to your general beliefs, most of us don't post for your amusement. I figured if he hadn't found a font for his logo in three years, the client would have gone elsewhere.

But nothing anyone says stops you from getting your count up, eh?

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As with junky free fonts, it's not about the numbers.

You attack me, I defend myself. Crazy, huh?


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