True Color?

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What if one were to commence designing a face that relied strongly on the color of the original--and I mean color in the sense as used by the rest of the world, not the "blackness" of forms that we, here, refer to as color. What if the face was gold, for example, and the designer felt this to be as important as the letterforms themselves--is there a way to "imbed" color codes (from the HTML pallette seems most logical) in the font so that, whether used in Word or AI or whatever, the user sees the intended gold?

Some might say that it's just easiest to suggest that the end user manually change to this color on their own, but I think a certain aesthetic is lost when instructions are doled out.

So what's the consensus? Some kind of macro in FontLab? Not possible yet (or ever)?

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The only outline format I know that allowed you to specify color was Type 3, but it's pretty much dead. Other than that, you need a bitmap format AFAIK.



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Well, Photofonts.


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