Foundry offering discount on font family after single weight purchased

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I remember reading about a foundry that allows customers who buy a single weight, then later want the whole font family will receive a discount to the sum of the original purchase.

Does anyone know the foundry of which I speak?

Thanks in advance.


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Village probably. They call it the «Taste Test»:

I think others do this too – Edit: see this previous thread:

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The new BAT foundry allows that as well. This is the AperiType offer :

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The Process Type Foundry offers this - just as you describe where if you want to later upgrade to a pack or family that contains the single we'll take off the original purchase price. You can also upgrade from packs to families ... there are lots of options.

Find more information about it in our help section; once there look for 'Upgrade program':

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MyFonts did this for me just last week. I ordered a few weights of a font and then discovered I needed the full family. I was able to purchase the family price and have my previous invoice cancelled.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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You can find this quite often actually, especially with the smaller foundries.

Mota Italic also offers upgrade options from single fonts to packages, or from smaller packs to larger ones at discounted rates.

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All you have to do is call and ask.

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Yus indeed.

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