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I never thought this day would come, but...
I am experimenting with vector paint tools in fontlab.

I know you can draw a single line with the pencil tool. You can draw a brushed line with the brush. But can you draw a single line, tweek the curves, and then apply a brush stroke to it?

I've check the manual and Learn FL Fast and haven't found the answer. Thanks!


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you sure can randy! go to outline -> stroke and then a dialog box should pop up that lets you choose your brush options and then voila! yer in bidness! at least i think that's how it works. i haven't done it too much. just be sure to let us see yer beautiful results, please. ;^)

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Right! I knew it was in there somewhere, thanks.

Attached is the first letter digitized: q. It is from a handwiting sample from my grandmother, Ardeth. She is in the early stages of what looks like Parkinsons. When she was having a good day and her hand was steady, I asked my mom to walk her through a basic set. The results are beautiful, but it was done with a cheap ball point pen. As this is a fun side project for me, I just wanted to experiment with adding a calligraphic stoke to the monoline.

As with most computer auto-features, it's no substitute for the real thing. Fine penmanship (penwomanship), where art thou? Thanks for the info though.


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amazing project, randy.

keep us updated as the project progresses..

for me, the trickyest thing would be generating a *connected* script..it's a spacing/kerning thing i guess

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wow! looks great randy. it's funny, i've been digitizing my own granny's handwriting. i might hafta look into trying your method with the stroke thing. anyhow glad i could help. keep up the good work!

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To be clear, the above wasn't done using the stroke. When I stroked it the modulation looked off no matter how it adjusted the angles and widths. Probably because people arent plotters and we rotate when we draw.

>> i've been digitizing my own granny's handwriting

Hopefully the decenders are shorter in her writing :-)


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