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De Pinte, Belgium - April 22, 2010

OurType is proud to announce its brand new website – a fresh and dynamic re-imagining of the original online home of the independent type foundry.

When two years ago OurType decided to redo their website, they first set out to define what they wanted. Very soon they realized they were facing an unusual problem. The original site by renowned Belgian web design boutique group94 had had a major impact when it was originally introduced. And although its original launch dated back to 2003, it still was considered cutting-edge amongst type foundry websites and beyond, and hadn't aged one bit.

So where do you go when there's nothing wrong with what you have? The answer was dual: you improve, and you look to the future. In an industry that often falls back on standardized solutions, group94 once again built a highly tailored Flash-based website. The new design is nimble; a clean and open site that leaves room to breathe. The horizontal movement that is both implied and explicit, adds dynamism to the overall surfing experience. Aesthetics and functionality both aid the users to navigate, find and discover the OurType collection.

Yet the true innovation of the new site lies in its new functionalities. The new Search function can be accessed from anywhere on the website, be it in either the Try or the Buy section, and accepts wildly varying keywords. The presentation of the typefaces has undergone a significant overhaul, with the addition of glyph set overviews and demonstrations of the Opentype features. And, of course, the ground-breaking preview windows still offer unparalleled possibilities for testing fonts. It lets you mix and match different family members of a typeface in various sizes in one single window, and allows you to control leading and alignment.

Most importantly, the new website embodies lots of yet-to-be-revealed features. They are ready to be implemented in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye on the OurType website for exciting developments.

About OurType

Founded in 2002, OurType is an independent type foundry led by Fred Smeijers, Corina Cotorobai and Rudy Geeraerts. Its signature collection consists of premium typeface designs that respect traditional values and yet are tailored to contemporary needs. In addition to its renowned designers, Smeijers and Peter Verheul, OurType also publishes fonts from some of the best young talents: Nikola Djurek, André Leonardt, Merel Matzinger, Artur Schmal, Thomas Thiemich, Hendrik Weber, and Maurice Göldner, now joined by Peter Mohr.

The OurType collection is available at

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