Illegible, but very tasty

apankrat's picture

Lovely handwriting on a pizza box. Can anyone guess what the pizza was? :)

And a close-up:

Florian Hardwig's picture

Sicilian – i dots to the rescue!

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Mmmmm.... Silicon pizza.... droool...


nina's picture

Those aren't i-dots, they're flies. Wasn't very fresh, was it? ;)

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For me it looks like "italian pizza" ...

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What's an "Halicon pizza"? Or maybe (because of the tittle) "Aialican"?

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Good guesses, good guesses... "Silicon pizza"... lol

Florian got it. It is a "Sicilian pizza" - spicy capicolo, basil, cheese and sauce.

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So I take it it's a ci ligature?

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My first impression was Anglican pizza, interpreting the initial "S" (if that's what it is!) as an A.
Personally, my taste in pizzas is more catholic.

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I was guessing it would be a pizza with feta -- Aeolian.

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This probably should be a separate post, but silly is as silly does, so this is the ideal thread to post Bread Typography.

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nice minimalist packaging design.

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