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hello! First time user, long time reader. Thought I'd put this awesome community to use.

This is a logo for an art gallery.

One is the display logo, the other is an alternative logo for other uses.

Go harsh if you can, i'm still learning.

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sorry, there it is

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This logo is quite nice and appropriate for an art gallery even though it's also quite common. If it was set up with Bodoni super condensed it would be even more so.

Anyway. The only thing I'd change is the dot between. It shouldn't be so sharp. Letters aren't. Those tapered spikes could be loosened up a bit.

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Nice use of knockout. I agree about softening the diamond to meld better with the letterforms.

Also try scaling down the logo and see if it still works. The letterforms may be rather condensed at small sizes

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The champfered lower right corner of the /R/ bothers me, given that the diamond demonstrates the possibility of such an acute angle.

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In the R<>C version:

Don't know if this was intended, or if it's just my screen, but the diamond appears to be a different percentage of black than the letters (I see it a bit gray).

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Thanks everyone for the comments!

The chamfered R does bother me too. I tried to fix it but it just ruins the R completely so i decided against it. I might give it another stab though.

The R<>C version is the same blk, appears same to me.

I'll try rounding the corners of the diamonds a little more. Thanks for all your opinions i really appreciate it.

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CONTEMPORARY seems to be overpowering ROSS. ROSS seems to be the unique identifier for the gallery. If that's a valid assumption, I'd like to see some variations that allow ROSS to be the emphasis.

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