Need Cyrillic Fonts

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I am new at this forum, so I’m not sure whether this is the right place to post these kind of questions, but I need a typeface for everyday use with Cyrillic letters. Being a poor student, I don’t think I can afford an expensive, professional one. Does anyone have an idea or two?

What I’m looking for is to begin with, a good all-round typeface, like Garamond but for Cyrillic. The only thing I have now is Times Cyrillic, which I find rather boring. But if anyone has great tips for sans serif fonts, I’d appreciate that as well. And, as previosly stated, I’d prefer free fonts if that is possible.

Thanks in advance!

Caspian Rehbinder

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What operating system are you using?

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Mac OS X (10.4.11).

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Dear Caspian,

You already have a number of Cyrillic and other non-Latin fonts that came with your system. They are listed here. Many fonts, including Cyrillic, come with the applications you install, Microsoft’s or Adobe’s.

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Thera are a few, but after having checked which of the Apple fonts that come with cyrillic, I see that it is only sans serifs. Myriad, Charcoal, Helvetica and Geneva. And I’ve got Times. I would still need a good typeface for ordinary text. Someting like Garamond, Mrs. Eaves, or whatever. I could stick with Times, but that feels just… nah.

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What about Verdana? Georgia?

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On OS X 10.5, Georgia and Hoefler text have cyrillic characters, but not on 10.4.11 (on my old Powerbook G4).

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Here is a special offer for poor students, from a poor fontmaker.
The typefaces is not so poor ;-)

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