Fanline, Mk 2

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Last year I was working on this font that I eventually got frustrated with, mainly because it looked like rubbish.

So in the last few days I decided to have another stab at it: starting from scratch, I drew something that I think might be worth following through with.

I only have a screenshot at this time, because I haven't started compiling the outlines into an actual font yet, so you'll have to make do with how it looks in Illustrator!

As you can see, the capitals are not yet done, nor are the numbers. But I do have a full lower case set and ligatures.

Any comments would be most appreciated!

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Hi all, I have progressed further with the face. I have attached a PDF file of the current situation. Any comments would be most appreciated!

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Wherever curves run into stems (for example at the top left of /n/) it's conventional, and almost always preferable, to thin out the curving stroke. Otherwise those intersections tend to look clotted and too dark.

More on that and other tips can be found here:

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I think the dots on the i and j need to be moved to the right and raised quite a bit.
You need some consistency , why is the n different than the m, why is the terminal on the k's stem different than the l, h and b. I like the Interstate-ish k however it's too narrow compared to the y, x and o. I like the shape of the y, it's leaning a bit to the right like an Italic (find a way to get rid of that), the really big descender and the small x-height may be a nice feature.
Try sketching your typeface with pencil, you'll probably end up thinning out the curves at the intersections, but also the movement of your hand will add a consistency in the flow. Try that and then go back to the computer and imitate your drawings.

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