Character design in Package Label

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I'm designing a character to be featured on a label for a 1Kg couscous package. The product will be sold in Morocco. The name of the product is 'La Rifaine' and it refers any woman from the region of 'Rif' in Morocco. So I decided to design a female character from this region.

Here are two designs, the first has the woman wearing a scarf that also covers her neck. The second is more revealing..

Both are still in concept and final work will be cleaned up. Any feedback I can get will be much appreciated (color, line, composition, proportions, subject..)


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I would show both Illustration concepts to the client just the way they are. Once they approve one direction then work on the rest of the label. You might also show them an example of the type faces you intend to use. By doing this you can make the approval process quicker.

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