how to create an experimental typeface

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hey everybody,

I'm writing my bachelor thesis: It's topic is experimental typedesign.
By extremly pointig out formal basic elements (like form of serifs, stroke contrast, white space, proportion etc.) and combining them with emotional parameters (elegant, reliable, light, heavily etc.) I will create type-experiments, which are at the sidelines (but within the scope) of legibility.

Execution will be performed in the following way:
experiment #1 =
parameters; formal and emotional (fragmented shapes (1-D) + serifs (5-C) + hairline (3-A) + fashionable)
+ hypothesis (»even less tha 60% of necessary elements would be readable«)
=> a new typeface or a proved impossibility

Through uncommon or hard realizable combination, interesting type-drafts and/or scribbled rudiments should be created. Nevertheless these fonts should follow typographical conventions and not become »Free-Fonts à la dafont. com«.

During the next weeks, I'll post my first drafts.

I'm rally happy for every single comment, every advise, every link, even for an abstruse combination of the parameters …

Thank you in advance.

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Right here my formal basic elements:

pdf with better resolution: formal_matrix.pdf

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