Logotype for a hiphop ezine

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so here are versions of a logotype for a hiphop culture based ezine.. think there will be a lot work on characters next..


any hopheadz have any comments?

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Dima, klassnyj tekstovyj blok i "rvanaja plashka", kak na 1b i 1c, no mikrofon, po-mojemu, iz proshlogo vieka... hotja ja nie hip-hoper :-)

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Andrij, I don't speak Russian, but I have understood some of your post anyway (you know - we're the same Slavic tribe). Personally I see a nice connection of microphone and hiphop. Yes, of course it is from another era, but I don't find hiphop very high-tech. I think the vinyls (which are from some previous era too) and microphones match perfectly with a hiphop image.

Dmitry - I like the logo, but I think you should give some of the roughness of the type to the microphone, too. That is why I like the 1.2A most, but it is still too soft and computerised for my eye. Hip hop has never been a soft politicaly correct music style, was it?

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It's called rap.ru?

I'm not crazy about the color on its own, but it would look good with the right other colors in the design.

One thing the logotype reminds me of is TV news reporters. You know, the ones with the mics with the little "NBC" signs on them?

I like the bottom one the best.

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Yeah, really nice logo.. my favourite is nr. 1c ;)

but i think the green color is too boring for an hiphop ezine. try an yelow/red color combination :-)


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Thanks ya'll for reaktion and constructive opinions.. Ya'll right:-) I spend only 2 hours (from drawin sketch till this preview) on this logo. thats why its soft an green:-) (also this chars in "rap.ru" is too simple)..

So, about tha mic.. Tha domain name is "rap.ru" and its a problem for me, because rap is only a part of hiphop culture. so if i'll drew a turntable, for example, it will keep logical connection(between domain name and image), but if i'll drew spray can - i think it will not..
(2ANDRIJ>> da etoshe samij hiphopovij mikrofon:-)! nu pokrajnej mere dlja serediny devianostih:-))

so i will continue workin on it right now:-)

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Wouldn't this be more appropriate:

Gangsta Diamonds


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so.. i'd totally throw away first variant..
here is a second one.. and i think it will be the base for a final release..


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i like tags that you used in first options (1.x) because in second options (2.x) i dont see RAP letters. i like 'X dot' more than 'STAR dot'

would you use tags of first option without 'micro'? it's more simple and effective i think

(sorry my english)

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I quite like the second series. It might be the roughness I was writing about in my previous post. There is of course a lack of legibility, but I think that the pure form might become significant enough (especially 2a). Well... the microphones weren't that bad anyway.

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Dmitry - perhaps you can draw inspiration
from my pal, Geo.

From him, here's 1) some lettering ideas
2) quick icon ideas

the top of the second R got clipped...


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Dmitry, maybe im stating the obvious, but have you tried doing the lettering with spraypaint and then photographing it? I think doing this way would capture street flavor better.

The R in the 2nd set is turning into a B.

my two cents.


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I am in the throes of designing a poster for a hip hop festival in my home town. I have done what andrew suggested above and sprayed it. It just feels a lot better than vector art. But maybe that is quite appropriate for an e-zine.

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Kris, thats pretty nice. im doing stencils&graff myself.
you guys might want to draw inspiration from other graff artists..

Maybe ill upload my serving suggestion later. I have this girly style in tags, but it might help you.

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Hey Kris, I would love to see the poster. Looks like your getting some nice results.

Yeah, Artcrimes has some good stuff.


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Rap.Ru 1
and some more simple tests -
Rap.Ru 2

hope this helps in some way[?].

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heyo.. i'd thought to myself "f*k dis fakesh*t klient!" and drew this..

so, i tired of all this sh*t and i want my f*kin vacations! ..oh, sorry..

anyway thanks a lot to ya'll for inputs..

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I like that. Much better than the other versions.

I think the orange and black one is the better of the two.

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Wow dude. Thoughs are some great logos.

Do you have MSN or AIM? I would like to talk to you about a possible graphic request ;).

tikal's picture

Wow dude. Thoughs are some great logos.

Do you have MSN or AIM? I would like to talk to you about a possible graphic request ;).

tikal's picture

Wow dude. Thoughs are some great logos.

Do you have MSN or AIM? I would like to talk to you about a possible graphic request ;).

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