Sorry, it said "error". please delete my duplicate posts... somebody.

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God, what a bad start.

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It's not your fault. This forum always gives me a server error when posting. I wonder whether a) anyone can post without constantly getting this error and b) whether this will ever be any different.

Luckily, this doesn't have anything to say; postings don't get lost. After posting your message, just go back to the thread and reload it and you'll see your posting.


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Typophile is by far the buggiest type forum I've used. I personally don't mind the problems with making posts (persistence is inherent to type design :-) but when I never get emailed versions of other people's posts it's very disconcerting - sometimes I only discover an interesting post when somebody else quotes from it and I go fishing for the source. On the other hand, I guess the reason it's so frustrating is because Typophile has such great content!


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The forum software is buggy. Please be patient with it. I think of it as a daily reminder that I need more patience in my life. :^)

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