Lagarto font, from Gabriel Martínez Meave -- anyone own? Where to buy? Alternatives?

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Does anyone actually own Kimera's Lagarto font by abriel Martinez Meave? Have seen it mentioned many times and think it would work for a project I'm on if I could track it down (though seeing the face in a demo typesetter would allow me to do a mockup enough to confirm).

Have seen some threads a few years old about this and potential "coming" places it might be sold, but don't have a firm link to try or purchase the font.

Anyone know?

Would also possibly be open to more easily available alternatives--I think the feel of this font would work though.


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I licensed it a few years ago straight from Meave. Just go to the order page on and use the e-mail address there; I'm sure he'll get back to you.

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