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I'm collaborating with a colleague on a book regarding a recent showing of young chicago type designers. I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a list of type designers who have lived or worked in the Chicago area. Or used Chicago as inspiration (I'm sure someone will say the font, Chicago, so lemme have it). We're looking to stay authentic in the tone and message and would like to remain true to Chicago type roots. Old and new would be wonderful...

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For old, see what you can find on the old foundry of Barnhart Brothers & Spindler.

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I think both Fred Goudy and Oz Cooper lived and worked in Chicago for at least part of their careers. Cooper, if I recall correctly, was deeply connected to the sign writing tradition in Chicago. Sorry I'm so sketchy on details; maybe I'm remembering some about Cooper's biography from "Behind the Typeface" :-)

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Some random ones off the top of my head:
Goudy and Dwiggins spent some time there
Robert Hunter Middleton is a big, overlooked one
Rick Valicenti, Patric King, Chester (pre-vllg) and other Thirsttype people.
Andrew Byrom does rad sculptures
Barry Deck was there for a while
Silas Dilworth worked there until a few summers ago
I designed the first half of Alright Sans there and am moving back soon.

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Thanks so much guys. This a great start. We're actually working with rick, who spoke at our event, to do a few spreads. (In case any were wondering, the event is here as well as Jeremiah Chiu from Plural. The newer community we definitely have covered, although some of those names are a surprise to me! It's the years farther back that is harder to figure out but this is a great start, and again, thank you.

jackson, I was sad when Silas pulled out of here. His studio was right around the corner from my place and I never had the chance to bump into him. Although came close as I think he was invited to teach a type class at the same portfolio school I'm doing a class at.

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James Greishaber (Typeco) is based there in Chicago.

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Will - Ascender's type designers include Jim Ford & Terrance Weinzierl (both based out of our office in Elk Grove Village), and Steve Matteson - who grew up in Oak Park but now lives in Colorado.

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Don't forget Will Ransom and John M. Bergling...

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I worked in Chicago for three great months ten years ago, but that was before I really began designing type.

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I think I also remember something about Bruno Maag spending some time in Chicago, pre-Dalton Maag.

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