more Turbota please

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my new typeface Turbota ('care' in Ukrainian), drawn for a rehabilitation center for disabled children, is now released on MyFonts. it is a monolinear semi-serif font with soft terminals, it suits well for formal and informal writing in Cyrillic and Latin scripts.

and here are my son's paper models in this poster

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Turbota in Mexico as a part of „Svjato Kyrylyci” exhibition in ATypI'09 conference (photo by Alexandra Korolkova):

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I like it!

Through this post I've found out about your work, Andrij, and I must say I'm really impressed. Is there any chance to get more detailed specimens of your types, say in PDF format? I'm particularly interested in Oksana, actually.

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very nice )

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thank you, Ori Ben Dor

unfortunately, i didn't make any pdf speciments yet.
but maybe special Oksana face (with ukrainian cyrillic only) can give you more details? you can download it for free:

thank you, Lukas, та успішного старту! ))

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i happy to tell that Turbota is font of the week on for now:

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