Fontographer: Type By Design PDFs found

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The only reason I'm posting this is because there's been so much talk of it lately. I found it on an Italian web site, so don't get scared about the book being in Italian, it's in english. I don't want to be attacked personally for this. Like I said in one of my other posts, "I feel like I'm opening Pandora's box."

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Pandora was the coolest party chick.

BTW, it's interesting that this isn't the same set of PDFs as last time (which was from Brazil). I remember that the previous one had the text in the "authentic" Goudy Italian Old-Style, although not the specially modified one Moye used - I remember doing a test on the lc "y" to find out, since I was wondering if Moye had leaked the original docs, for some reason, maybe out of frustration at the dumbass publishers.


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Holy smokes! You know Pandora too?

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Last antiquarian price I saw on the book was something like $1,300+!

And, with the emergence of FontLab and its OpenType capabilities, its not all that useful anymore.

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not to throw fuel on the fire, but i found type by design useful. i'm very new to the field, and after reading it i feel much more confident. it's one of those books that should be required reading in the design schools.

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Tim: It's VERY useful. Maybe for a professional type designer is pretty basic but there are very important topics there like postcript drawing and spacing-kerning issues.

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Oh, this is the dealer whose got the book at $1,348 (in very good condition)!


Found this on Amazon by doing a search on Fontographer.

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I remember letting this one slip away.

(From Microsoft's news archives)

Remainder of the day
Falls Village, CT. - 28 July 1998
Hamilton Books are offering Stephen Moye's Fontographer: type by design title for just $3.95 plus shipping. Although slanted towards PostScript Type 1 font production, at the price it represents good value for money.

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That's when I got mine! :-)
Day traders, eat your hearts out.


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>Oh, this is the dealer whose got the book at $1,348 (in very good

Are you kidding me?! I'll gladly sell my copy (a few dog-earred pages, tiny creases on lower right corner of front cover and upper right corner of back cover; otherwise fine, clean tight copy) for a mere $1,200! ;-)

-- K.

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Intriguing price, $1,348.00. Although I doubt they have a copy of the book, if they do then their price is mostly wishful thinking. Examination of their feedback doesn't reveal them to be a very upstanding vendor, overall.

A careful search for the book would probably turn up a very nice copy for substantially less money. A large number of libraries across the US show copies in their collections.

My copy, though, is not for sale.

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Could any body share the pdf please?

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The value of this book has dropped considerably. You can get it for less than $10 now on Amazon:

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I've got a copy of the book... it's in pretty good condition. If you didn't know it's age, you would think it was less than a year old by looking at it.


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Please stop promoting piracy.

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I assume Steve is referring to the PDF sharing. As the link in the original post is dead anyway, I neither can check whether it contained illicitly shared copyrighted material, nor do I see the need to remove it.

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I just thought it was a strange comment, seeing as most of the discussion here is (and was, six years ago) about obtaining printed copies of the book.

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