Which logo to choose? *Decision made

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I am working on a self branding and I came up with some rough directional concepts that were intentionally pretty different.
The hope was this would allow me to narrow a path from which I could start to refine things.

Please tell me which one to choose (if any).

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Could you create the same image again, but put numbers beside them, so it' will be easier for us to refer to certain logos.

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Here you are Mr. Koritnik :)
Thank you for your interest.

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> 9

Probably not a good idea because of the Minimal Sites logo.

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Thanks Nikola.
I kinda like #7. It has colours (design), it has N and J (maybe some curve would make it more distinguishable) letters inside. So yes. #7.

Apankrat makes a very good poing about #9 even though it seems very clean and professional. It actually does look very very similar.

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I also like 7.

- Lex

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Frankly, I don't think any of these work. They are all over the place.

Perhaps the second from right in the second row of #1, but it too needs more work and refinement to add some substance, while keeping the simplicity. #3 is interesting, but I cannot shake off the impression that it's a common venture of Nikon and Minolta.

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Any progress Nikola?

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Thank you very much Robert and everyone else for your opinion and advice. I really appreciate it.

No. 7 was my favorite but then I came to this...

It's very simple, bold and flexible. I also wanted something that could be shrunk to a 16×16 favicon and survive. It's mission impossible to make something that everyone would love but I'm happy with it at the moment and I decided to use it so I can finally start developing my website etc.

What do you guys think?

Decision is made but I am still curious and your opinions are more then welcome.

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> What do you guys think?

Netscape :)

But seriously I think it's not bad at all. Have you tried using the real J for the right part?

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Thank you apankrat :)

Yes I tried (after u asked me) and maybe it was just a bad execution but I didn't really like it.

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