so you need a typeface

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I think this is hilarious. I don't know how to right-click to see it full size, unfortunately. I think that's a PC thing.

Apologies if this has been posted before, I am not here every day and may have missed it.

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Patty: You can right click on that Mac too. ;o)

Here's the link to the full size image:

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Oooh -- marvellous! ("Think Mr. Spiekermann is mostly right?" -- priceless!)

It would make a great poster for the office. Julian: if this origined as a vector illustration please host a PDF as well!

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I learned that right-click on the Mac is control+click but thanks!

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How old is your mouse, patty?

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How old is your mouse, patty?

I suspect there's no mouse, just a trackpad.

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ah! Fyi, right clicking on the MacBook trackpad = two fingers + click. You may need to enable this is settings.

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Glad you like it!

There are a few mistakes that I need to correct, but I think I'll host as PDF when they are corrected.
Actually a lot of inspiration to the poster is from these forums.

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Julian: This absolutely rocks. I especially liked the proper use of Comic Sans. Although Palatino seems to be lost by itself?

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I use an older mouse with no buttons. Not a trackpad.

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You can still use the Control key to see a larger image of the poster, Patty.

I love the poster, by the way! Thanks for posting the link.

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Fantastic! Congrats, Julian. The whole flowchart is brilliant, especially Caslon and Comic Sans answers.

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- Are you alone?
- Yes
- Come with me ........ Comic Sans

Mwahahahaha.. lol.


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Nice work Julian!
Zimmer looks great, too!

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This is typographic comedy....I love this poster. :)

Patty....Thanks for posting that. :)

Julian...Thanks for the inspiration and the poster. ;)

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An older mouse with no buttons? Are you sure? I thought there was always one. Are you perhaps pushing a bar of soap around next to the computer?


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I don't think Massimo Vignelli would approve of this.

: )

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.... just as long as he doesn't meet any hippies.

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This poster made my day.

On my second try, I ended following a path that led me to > Are You Alone > Okay, then come with me > Comic Sans.

Haha. Brilliant.

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